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Modern Waterfall Chandelier with Swarovski Crystal

Modern Waterfall Chandelier with Swarovski Crystal

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Specialist in design crystal lighting and chandeliers with Swarovski Crystal since 1943. We sell the best crystal lamps made of high-quality crystal, since 1943.

( including Swarovski crystals) All our crystal chandeliers, lamps, ceiling lamps, wall lamps, and table lamps are 24-carat gold plated or chrome/silver and are protected with a transparent coating to let the lights stay beautiful. In our warehouse, the crystal lights are mounted with the best and most beautiful crystal in the world including Swarovski crystal or can be made exclusively according to your own design.

We supply from stock. In our showroom, you can find over 150 different crystal chandeliers hanging, both classic and modern. The Haagsche Art Trade is a family company that was founded in 1943 We are importer and exporter. Porzellenfabrieken: Place S.h, Scheibe Alsbach, Alteste Volkstedt, Sitzendorf, Klette, Dresden, Riteish etc. Crystal works: Saxon Crystal, Crystal, Irena Dobern, Caesar Crystal and Swarovski Crystal Chandeliers: 24 krt. gilt or silver plated/chrome, custom-made with SWAROVSKI crystals

VALUATION OF EUROPEAN ORNAMENTAL PORCELAIN: Because we for decades as the only import in Netherlands Saxon Porcelain, Courts, insurance companies and taxation offices many times a year to offer our expertise about old age and asked for appraisal valuation. You can also fine for appraisal or advice of our expertise.

The Haagsche Kunsthandel since 1943 is a well-functioning family business with a clear focus and was founded in 1943. We are the importer and exporter, distribute to retailers. For years, we produce crystal chandeliers of world-class of sitting in a unique selection of. Fur Sonderwunsche, we are always closed. Aesthetics and quality, service and Entwicklung are our pursuits. We Optimiser Bestmogliche design.

The reputation of us throughout Europe, in particular, because we deliver directly from stock with an area by 3000 different articles. PORZELLANFABRIEKEN: Pala skis wood, disc Alsbach, oldest Volkstedt, Sitzendorf, burdock, Dresden, Riteish, etc CRYSTAL factories: Saxon Crystal Döbern, Crystal Caesar, Irena, and Swarovski. CHANDELIER: 24 krt. gold plated or silver/chrome finish with Swarovski crystal rhinestones. Assessment of European ZIERPORELLAN: by the courts, Insurance, and damages offices are we many times a year for the evaluation required. Use our expertise for assessment and advice.

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