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Cloud  2 Seat  Bench-Kids Korner
Cloud  2 Seat  Bench-Kids Korner

Cloud 2 Seat Bench-Kids Korner

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PRODUCT DETAILS The Cloud Seat promises to awaken your children imagination and increase their creativity. When it comes to children’s interiors, this piece introduces a modern design, always ensuring that the bedroom reflects the child’s personality and is both fun and young. More than taking us to a fantasy world this item also has an educational purpose as countless activities can be made with the use of this piece. Incredible bonding with your children awaits you. Clouds are as fluffy as a piece of cotton. Although we can not touch it we can imagine it and that sensation of softness was the inspiration behind this piece. Your little one will feel like he is seating on a cloud. This piece is the perfect example of when design meets comfort. MATERIALS Wood and Translucent Acrylic STANDARD finish Synthetic Fur.

DIMENSIONS Width: 43 cm | 16.9" Depth: 125 cm | 49.1" Height: 37 cm | 14.5"

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