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About Us


      We are a company that cares about you and your family, We carry products from all around the globe. Most of my products at this time come from Countries that  were inspired by their country or were inspired the making of certain products by other countries such as the USA, Portugal, Italy, Scandinavia and the Netherlands,

Most are small businesses or family businesses. But some are from bigger companies with the same quality and same ideas about the planet and sustainability. some are just one man making special products in his shop. Some are family businesses that have been making the same product for generations. Crafted by Hand. Small Producers That Put Their Heart and Sole into Making Great Quality Products that last for many years. Most of my Products are made from  Eco - Friendly and sustainable materials so not to hurt the environment and animal Friendly so mot to hurt the animals or the Planet. Read the descriptions to find out for sure.

I Have Always liked good quality Furniture and Décor. I Want to Offer People the Chance to Find that one, Really Nice Product or that special one that will make you or your whole family feel very happy and comfortable. If look look there are products that I suggest go together like certain chairs and tables. Don't be afraid to click around be adventurous in your journey through my store. My store will take you to different countries and different time zones in history.

My products are well made with great care and quality that  will last for years or even decades. Helping you to make a Home, a place to relax and feel safe. 

I hope you Recommend my store as a store with great quality and support.

I Sell As Many Products as I can that are made right here in the USA. By American Hands and Family Businesses. I think You will like What You See Here. Help the Small Businesses Survive and Grow in this Country. If you have any comments or suggestions please leave them in the contact us page.

Drop Shipping Is a Great Way to Do Business. You Can See and Read About the Product and How They Were Made, What Materials Were Used to make them before you buy.

I try to make it a great buying experience from your first click to when the product is sitting in your home whether it's a piece of furniture or a Watch.

A Lot of Products Are Made From Raw Materials. Wood, Glass, Sometimes Steel and Products That Come From the Ground, Our own soil here in the USA

Tell your friends about my store. It doesn't cost anything to look around. Come back often because items are constantly changing and I'm constantly looking out for more products to show you.

Leonard Bianconi